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Mobile Access for Android
Foundation 22.1

When a form is configured with a lookup button, you can enter values into fields that have been associated with a lookup button and find an AutoFill Keywords Set that contains the value(s) entered. For example, if you need to find an account number, but you only have a person's name and address, you can enter the information you have in the form when configured to do so. Then, click Lookup and find the account number you need to populate in the form. To use a lookup:

  1. Enter values in the fields that will help identify the AutoFill Keyword Set you are trying to locate. Depending on the configuration of the form, not all fields on the form will perform the lookup function.
  2. Click Lookup. If only one value set exists for the information entered, the form fields associated with the AutoFill Keyword Set are populated.
    If multiple value sets exist for the information entered, the Select Reverse Lookup Match window is displayed.
  3. Click Select next to the values you want to use to populate the form. The fields that are configured on the form that are associated with the selected AutoFill Keyword Set are populated.

If using Unity Forms in conjunction with the Unity Briefcase, Lookup buttons are disabled when forms are opened in the Briefcase application.