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Mobile Access for Android

Mobile Access for Android
Foundation 22.1

OnBase Mobile Access for Android provides the ability to take action on documents in the business process remotely, increasing efficiency while maintaining the auditing and security of a traditional OnBase solution.

Users can launch OnBase Mobile Access for Android directly from their device, allowing them to view their current Workflow Inbox at a convenient time and see all business transactions awaiting a decision. Each transaction offers the same efficiency for selecting a document and acting on it. All transactions can be quickly evaluated and the business process can be allowed to continue. Users can also retrieve OnBase documents by conducting a Custom Query, as well as create E-Forms and Unity Forms.

Users can take photos using the device's camera and upload them to OnBase, as well as upload images previously stored on the device. Files can be indexed with Document Type and Keyword information, and once uploaded, can be accessed immediately within OnBase.


This application can transfer a large amount of data. It is strongly recommended that each device using this module has a large or unlimited data plan.