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Mobile Access for Android

Mobile Access for Android
Foundation 22.1

The Custom Queries screen is displayed after tapping Custom Queries. It displays a list of available Custom Queries:

To conduct a Custom Query:

  1. Tap on a Custom Query.
  2. The Custom Query is displayed:
  3. Tap a field to enter a value.
  4. Repeat the above step to add additional values.
    To remove values from the Custom Query, tap Clear All.
  5. Tap the Search button:
  6. Documents that meet the search criteria are displayed on the Custom Query Results screen, along with the name of the Custom Query:
  7. Tap a document's Auto-Name string to view document information. See Document Information for more information.

When viewing documents from Custom Queries, you can also view cross-referenced documents if they are configured. See Viewing Related or Cross-Referenced Documents for information.