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Mobile Access for Android

Mobile Access for Android
Foundation 22.1

The device's camera is displayed after tapping the Take a Photo option in the Upload menu. This allows you to take a photo, associate it with an available document type, enter keyword values, and upload it to OnBase.


The exact instructions for the process of taking a photo may vary slightly depending on your Android device.


Depending on the manufacturer or model of your Android device, as well as the camera software being used, photos taken from the device's camera may be saved to the device's internal memory or SD card. It is the sole responsibility of the user to manage or delete these photos from the device after they are uploaded to OnBase.

To take a photo:

  1. Tap the shutter button. A preview of the captured photo is displayed.
  2. Tap the check mark button to use the photo, or tap the discard button to retake the photo.

    After tapping the check mark button, the Document Types screen is displayed.

    The Document Types pane lists the Document Type Groups available for you to upload to.

  3. Tap a Document Type Group to display a list of Document Types.
  4. Tap a Document Type to upload the photo to.
  5. Tap a keyword field to enter a value for the selected keyword.
    Invalid or required keywords are indicated by an exclamation point. The keyword value must be corrected before you can continue uploading a photo.
  6. When you are finished entering all necessary keywords, tap the Upload button to upload the photo to OnBase.

    When the photo is finished uploading, a confirmation message is displayed. Tap OK to return to the launcher screen. Uploads can also be monitored by opening the Android notification menu and viewing the status of the upload.