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Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

Each queue and its document count are listed. If the portlet is configured to display a chart, the chart displays a bar for each queue.

Warnings and alerts may be triggered based on the following criteria:

  • Document count: The number of documents is too high or too low.

  • Document age: The queue contains a number of documents that meet or exceed a configured age.

  • Keyword sum: The documents' combined value for a Keyword Type is too high. If the document count, age, or Keyword sum triggers a warning or alert, a monitoring symbol is displayed to the right of the queue. Rest your pointer over a symbol to display its meaning.

The following is an example of a Workflow Dashboard portlet.

In this example, one queue has an alert and one queue has a warning displayed. Tap on an alert or warning icon to view more information about the state of the queue. The following is an example: