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Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

If your form contains a print button, you can print all of the tabs in the form you are viewing. To print, click the button in the form and select the appropriate print options from the Print dialog box that is displayed. Alternately, you can press Ctrl + P on the keyboard to access the Print dialog box.


If you do not have printing rights in OnBase and you use Ctrl + P to print, a blank page will be printed.

The following are items of note concerning printing:

  • The print button's name will vary by form.

  • When printing a form with a multi-line text box, the entire contents of the field is printed regardless of whether or not you can see all of the data in the field on the screen.

  • When printing a form with sections, the entire contents of a section is printed regardless of whether or not the section is expanded or collapsed.

  • When printing a form, controls such as buttons, page tabs, color picker, and drawing tools will not be printed.

  • When printing a form with a wide table that extends past the printable page area, the table may be truncated. Only the portion of the table within the printable page area will be printed.

  • If an invalid signature is printed, a red border is printed around the control. In addition, the label is displayed in red.

  • When printing in Internet Explorer, settings in the Page Setup dialog box affect how Unity Forms are printed. The settings that can affect the way a form is printed are Print Background Colors and Images, Margins, and Headers and Footers.

  • When printing in Internet Explorer, background images and signatures are not supported.

  • The Forms Designer cannot show page breaks. When printing Unity Forms with multiple pages, the printed pages may not correspond with the pages in the Forms Designer.