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Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

To download a document from a Custom Query Results List or Workflow Queue:

  1. Perform a Custom Query, or select a Workflow queue.
  2. Long press on a document in the Custom Query Results List or Workflow Queue.

    A check box will display next to each document, indicating it can be downloaded for offline use:

  3. Select documents to download for offline use by tapping each one individually.
  4. Tap the Save button to download the documents. Tap the Cancel button to cancel.

    The following icon will display next to each document selected for download, indicating it is currently being downloaded:

    When the document is finished downloading, the above icon will be replaced by the following icon, indicating the download is complete and the document can be accessed offline:

  5. Downloaded documents can be accessed on the Available Offline Documents screen by tapping the Offline button on the launcher screen.