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Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPad (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

The device's camera is displayed after tapping the Take a Photo option on the Upload screen. This allows you to take a photo, associate it with an available document type, enter keyword values, and upload it to OnBase.

To take a photo:

  1. Tap the shutter button. A preview of the captured photo is displayed.
  2. Tap Retake to retake the photo, or tap Use to use the selected photo.

    After tapping Use, the Document Types pane is displayed:

    The Document Types pane lists the Document Type Groups available for you to upload to.

    Entering a search term in the Search box will return a list of Document Type Groups and Document Types that contain the search term in their name. Tap the Cancel button to return to the Document Types pane.

  3. Tap a Document Type Group to display a list of Document Types.
  4. Tap a Document Type to upload the photo to.
  5. Tap a keyword field to enter a value for the selected keyword. To easily navigate between multiple keyword fields, tap the Previous and Next buttons.
    Invalid keywords will be highlighted in red. Invalid keywords must be corrected before you can continue uploading a photo.
  6. When you are finished entering all necessary keywords, tap the Upload button to upload the photo to OnBase.
    When the photo is finished uploading, a confirmation message is displayed. Tap OK to return to the launcher screen.