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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

In order to use signature functionality in Mobile Access for iPad, the following User Group and Document Type settings must be configured in the Configuration module:

  • The User Group for users signing documents in Mobile Access for iPad must have Modify rights assigned.

    If users will be signing revisable Document Types, the User Group must also have the Create Revisions privilege assigned.

  • Document Types used for signing must have Signature Types configured.

  • Document Types must be an Image or PDF File Format. Other file formats are not supported for signing in Mobile Access for iPad.


    To sign PDF Documents, the PDF Framework license is required.

  • Document Types must be configured with the Allow Redaction Bitmaps option enabled.

  • Document Types must be configured to Allow Multiple Revisions, or be configured as Non Revisable with the Create new document option selected.

    If a Document Type is configured as Non Revisable with the Create new document option selected, when the user saves the signature, a new document is created with the signature applied to the new document.


When a document from a non-revisable Document Type is signed, existing notes and annotations from the original document are not copied to the newly-signed document. If the Prompt to overwrite or create new document revision setting is selected for the Document Type, the original document and its notes are automatically purged when a signature is saved on it.

Additional licensing and configuration is required for revisable document types. For information on configuring revisable Document Types, see the EDM Services module reference guide.