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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

The following upgrade considerations have been compiled by OnBase subject matter experts. These upgrade considerations are general and applicable to most OnBase solutions and network environments and should be considered each time an upgrade is performed.

Carefully consider the impact of making any changes, including those listed below, prior to implementing them in a production environment.

For additional general information about upgrading OnBase, refer to the Upgrade Guidelines reference manual , and visit the Hyland Community at: https://www.hyland.com/community.

The following should be noted when upgrading a solution that uses OnBase Mobile applications:

  • Review the operating system requirements for the OnBase Mobile application to verify that the version of the OnBase app you are upgrading to is supported on the operating system installed on the device.

Upgrading from prior versions to 15 or greater

Beginning with OnBase 15, version-specific OnBase Mobile applications were released. Before the release of OnBase 15, the available OnBase Mobile applications were not tied to specific versions of OnBase. It is important to note the following regarding version-specific OnBase Mobile applications:

  • If upgrading from a legacy OnBase Mobile application to a version-specific OnBase Mobile application, the Mobile Applications Broker must be configured to allow https:// connections. The version-specific mobile applications require an https:// connection to be used.

  • When upgrading an OnBase solution that includes version-specific OnBase Mobile applications, ensure that the version of the OnBase Mobile application matches the version of the OnBase Application Server and Mobile Applications Broker Server. The version of the Application Server, Mobile Applications Broker Server, and OnBase Mobile application must all match.

Upgrading Mobile Access for Windows to 18

Beginning in OnBase 18, the use of the Mobile Briefcase module in the OnBase Mobile Access for Windows app is no longer supported. If you are using Mobile Briefcase in the OnBase Mobile Access for Windows app, contact your first line of support to discuss options for upgrading to OnBase Foundation 22.1. If you upgrade to OnBase Foundation 22.1, you must use Mobile Briefcase in the OnBase Mobile Access for iPad app to fulfill your needs. The OnBase Mobile Access for iPad app requires a separate license.

Upgrading to Foundation EP3 or EP5

When upgrading to OnBase Foundation EP3 or Foundation EP5, the following functionality is not available or supported in Mobile Access apps:

  • Mobile Briefcase module

  • OnBase IdP login

Additionally, the OnBase Mobile Access for Windows app is not available in OnBase Foundation.