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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

Gestures are used to perform actions on touch-screen devices without the use of a physical keyboard or mouse.

The following table describes gestures that you may be able to use and how to perform them on a touch screen device.

Gesture Name


How to Perform

Pan / Scroll

Panning and scrolling allows you to view another part of a page that is outside of the viewing area, for example, when viewing a document that has been zoomed in on, or when a page of a document is longer than the size of the screen.

Touch and drag a document page to move it around in the document viewing area.


Zooming allows you to make an area of a document larger or smaller. Zooming in allows you to see greater detail of a document. Zooming out allows you to see a larger area of a document.

To zoom out, touch two fingers to the screen and move them toward each other in a pinching motion. To zoom in, touch two fingers to the screen and move them apart from each other.