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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

If necessary, you can change the primary OnBase user associated with biometric authentication (e.g., to reassign a shared device) by disabling and re-enabling the Touch ID or Face ID setting on the Settings screen.

To change the OnBase user used for biometric authentication, do the following:

  1. On the login screen, tap Settings.
  2. Toggle the Touch ID or Face ID setting so it is disabled.
    You are prompted to confirm this action.
  3. Tap Disable.
  4. Toggle the Touch ID or Face ID setting so it is enabled.
  5. Tap Back to return to the login screen.
  6. Enter the new OnBase User Name to use with biometric authentication.
  7. Enter the OnBase Password for the specified user name.
  8. Tap the Login button, or tap the Enter key on the virtual keyboard to log in.
    You are prompted to choose whether or not to use Touch ID or Face ID to log in to OnBase.
  9. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen. When you are finished, a confirmation is displayed and you are logged in to the app.