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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

To upload existing images from the iPad's Photos app as a new OnBase document, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Upload screen, tap to select the Document Type that the file should be uploaded to.

    Depending on your system configuration, you may be prompted for the application to use your location when uploading a new document. If you are prompted, tap OK or Allow to allow OnBase to use your location. You can change this setting by accessing OnBase settings within the iOS Settings app.

  2. Tap the plus (+) icon and choose the Add Images from Gallery option.
    A list of available images is displayed.
  3. Select one or more images for upload by tapping each individual thumbnail.
  4. When you are finished selecting images, tap Use. The page list is displayed.

    The page list shows all of the images you have added so far, and allows you to reorder, replace, or delete images. The following actions can be taken in the page list:

    • To scroll between multiple thumbnails, drag the screen to the left or right.

    • To rearrange the pages, press and hold your finger on the page you want to move, and then drag and drop it in the new location.

  5. If necessary, you can replace or delete any of the images you have added so far before they are uploaded. For information on these editing options, see the topic titled Editing Mode.
  6. When you are finished, tap Index in the upper right corner of the screen.

    The indexing panel is displayed:

  7. Tap a keyword field to enter a value for the selected keyword. Required keywords are indicated by an asterisk (*). Invalid keywords are highlighted in red and must be corrected before you can continue uploading the document.
    • To add another value for a Keyword Type, tap the Add (+) button to the right of the keyword field.

    • To clear out a value for a Keyword Type, tap the X in the keyword field.

    • To clear all of the entered keyword values and start over, tap the Clear button at the bottom of the keyword panel, then tap OK to clear the keyword fields.

  8. Once you are finished entering keyword values, tap Submit to upload the new document.
    When the new document is finished uploading, you are returned to the Upload screen.