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Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

Depending on your configuration, you may be able to sign an image or PDF document that contains a pre-configured signature field.


To sign PDF documents, the PDF Framework license is required.

The following example shows part of an image document that contains signature fields:

To sign an image or PDF document:

  1. While viewing the document, do one of the following:
    • Tap the Template Signatures icon:

    • Tap the ellipsis (...) icon and select Template Signatures.

    The Signatures window is displayed:

    The Signatures window displays a list of signature fields you can sign on the current document. If you have already added a signature by tapping directly on a signature field displayed on the document, a check mark icon is displayed to the left of the signature field name.

  2. Tap the name of the signature field you want to sign.

    A signing interface is displayed on the document:


    You can also tap directly on a signature field displayed on the document to display the signing interface.

  3. Sign the designated area using a stylus or your finger.
  4. If the document contains more than one signature field, tap the left or right arrow icons to navigate between signature fields.
  5. If you need to clear the contents of a signature field, tap Clear.
  6. When you are finished signing, tap Done.
    After all signature fields are signed, the signatures on the document must be saved. If the document is revisable, the signature is permanently burned to a new revision of the document upon saving.
  7. To save the document, repeat step 1 to display the Signatures window.
  8. Tap Finish Signing.

    If a note, redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is not in the location you expect, do not save or sign the document until the location has been corrected by your system administrator. When the document is saved or signed, the pending redaction, burned markup, or deficiency is permanently placed in the shifted location. The shifting of notes that do not permanently alter the document can be corrected any time by your system administrator.

    The signatures are saved to the document. If the document is not configured for revisions, a new document is created with the signatures permanently applied. After the signatures are saved, a confirmation is displayed briefly and you are returned to the document screen.