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Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

An AutoFill Keyword Set is a collection of Keyword Values dependent on a Primary Keyword Value. If an AutoFill Keyword Set is assigned to a Document Type, a value entered into the Primary Keyword Type field during indexing of a document triggers the population of the remaining Keyword Types with values from the AutoFill Keyword Set.

When indexing a document containing an AutoFill Keyword Set, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Upload module, when the Indexing panel is displayed, enter the value for the Primary Keyword Type and tap outside of the keyword field. The remaining values for the remaining Keyword Types in the AutoFill Keyword Set will populate in their respective fields.

    If the Primary Keyword Value is associated with more than one AutoFill Keyword Set, only the first AutoFill Keyword Set is used.

  2. Continue entering any remaining keyword values for the document.

    If you add multiple instances of the Primary Keyword Type, the OnBase app does not automatically create additional instances of the associated Secondary Keyword Types. You must add additional instances for all Secondary Keyword Types in order to populate them.

  3. When all fields are populated, tap Submit to upload the document.