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Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

If you have two or more fields for the same Keyword Type, each of these fields is separated from the next by one of the following logical operators: and, or or. The current logical operator appears to the right of the first of the two Keyword Type fields.

You can create an additional Keyword Type fields by tapping the plus (+) icon next to the Keyword Type you want to add:

This automatically inserts a logical operator icon to the right of the original Keyword Type field.

To change the logical operator in use, tap the logical operator icon, which switches between the available options:




Searches for documents containing the Keyword Values preceding and following the logical operator.


Searches for documents containing either the value preceding the logical operator or the value following the logical operator.


When you use the or operator and one document has both Keyword Values, OnBase retrieves two separate records for that document. For example, you perform a search for the Keyword Values Sarah Adams or John Adams. If the same document has both values associated with it, then OnBase displays a record for each occurrence of the Keyword Value (one record for Sarah Adams, one record for John Adams).

If you have more than two Keyword Values for the same Keyword Type, then the logical operators are processed in order of occurrence.