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Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

In order to add a note or annotation to a document, you must be assigned the appropriate privileges for adding, modifying, or deleting notes. To add a note or annotation to a document, perform the following steps.

  1. From the document viewer, tap the Notes icon.

    The Notes window is displayed.

  2. Tap the plus (+)icon.
    The New Note window is displayed. The New Note screen shows a list of notes and annotations that you have rights to create. The available note types are displayed in alphabetical order.
  3. Tap the name of the note or annotation to add it to the document.
  4. Enter any text for the note. Depending on your system configuration, you may also see the characters remaining displayed while editing the note.
  5. When you are finished adding text, tap the X icon to save and close the note.
    • If you added a text-based note, it is added to the Notes screen.

    • If you added an annotation note type, it added to the Notes screen and displayed on the center of the document. You may also be able to move or resize the annotation on the document. See Moving and Resizing Annotations for more information.


    Only Annotation note types (e.g., Ellipse, Arrow, Highlight) are dropped directly onto the document. Other note types are added only to the Notes window.


    If you don't have privileges to modify a note type that you added, you can still continue to make changes to any notes you've added between the time you logged on and when your session ends. Once your session ends or once you log out, you are no longer able to edit the notes you created unless you have privileges to do so.