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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

In order to edit notes or annotations, you must be assigned the appropriate privileges for modifying notes. To edit a note or annotation on a document, perform the following steps.

  1. From the document viewer, tap the Notes icon.

    The Notes window is displayed.

    The Notes window shows a list of any notes and annotations currently applied to the document. Notes that were created previously are sorted by the date and time they were created.

  2. Tap a note to view any note text.

    You can also select annotations for editing by pressing and holding down on them if they are displayed on the document.

  3. To edit the note, tap inside the note text area and make changes to the text. As soon as you tap away from the note, any changes you made are saved.
    Depending on your system configuration, you may also see the characters remaining displayed while editing the note.
  4. When you are finished editing the note text, tap the X icon to save and close the note.