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Foundation 22.1

You can attach documents that already exist in OnBase to the form if the form you are using is configured to allow existing documents to be attached.


Attaching documents from OnBase is not available to users who do not have document retrieval rights.Users accessing shared forms also cannot attach documents from .

To attach a document from OnBase:

  1. From the Available Attachment Types drop-down, select the Document Type you want to use to attach a file to the form. Depending on your solution, you may have one or more Document Type available for selection.
  2. Click Attach and select Existing Document. The OnBase document retrieval window is displayed.

    If the attachment control is configured to only allow existing OnBase documents to be attached, the OnBase document retrieval window is displayed automatically.

    If the Choose File to Upload dialog box is displayed instead of the OnBase document retrieval window, then the attachment control is configured to only allow documents from an external location to be attached. For more information on attaching documents from an external location, see .

  3. Use standard document retrieval methods to search for the document you want to attach and click Find. The results of the search are displayed in the Search Results section.

    Under the Document Types and Groups section, the Document Type configured for the attachment button is automatically selected by default and cannot be changed.

  4. Click on a document to select it. To verify the document is the correct document to attach, expand the Document Viewer section to preview the document.
  5. Click Attach. The file and its name are displayed in the control.

    After attaching a document, you can preview it before the form is submitted. Click on the document name to open a new dialog box that displays the attached document.

    To remove an attached document before the form is submitted, click Remove.

  6. If the control allows multiple attachments, the attachment button remains available for additional attachment uploads. Click the Attach [document display name] button to attach additional documents.
    You can attach multiple documents at a time by holding the Ctrl key and selecting the documents you want to attach to the form. All the selected documents are attached to the form when you click the Attach button.

When the form is submitted, the documents are attached to the form.