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Mobile Access for iPad

Mobile Access for iPad
Foundation 22.1

When an attachment exists on a form, a link to the document is displayed on the form. The following is an example:

To view the attachment, click on the link.

In the event that an attached document is purged from the system, the link will read Missing: Attached document has been purged and the document will not be accessible.

Depending on the configuration of a form, the attachment control may have sortable lists of attachments. When multiple attachments are attached in a sortable configuration, it will look similar to the following example:

You can arrange the order of the attachments in the control by clicking on the handle, denoted by three vertical dots to the left of the original filename of the attachment, and drag the file up or down in the list. Depending on your configuration, you may also be able to remove attachments from the form. When this is available, a Remove link will be displayed in the Actions column.