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Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

A note is an explanation or instruction that can be attached to text, OLE, HTML-based, or image documents. Notes are used to draw attention to content, clarify or explain items, or identify the current state of the document.

A note has a maximum character limit of 250 bytes; however, the maximum number of characters that you can enter in a note varies depending on the type of database you are accessing, as well as your system locale and keyboard settings.

For example, if you are accessing an ANSI database and using an English display language in Windows, you can enter the maximum 250 characters in a note. However, when you access the same database using a multi-byte display language (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), you are limited to 125 characters.

If you are accessing a Unicode database, it is possible for all display languages to enter the maximum 250 character amount; however, the 250 byte limit may be reached before you are able to enter all 250 characters.


Contact your system administrator if you have questions or experience issues when entering characters in notes.