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Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

To open OnBase Mobile Access for iPhone from the Home screen:

  1. Tap the OnBase icon.
  2. The login screen is displayed.
  3. If necessary, tap the following button to adjust your connection settings:

    See Settings for more information.

  4. Type your OnBase User Name and Password.

    If your Mobile Applications Broker Server is configured to use multiple domains, you must specify a domain in front of your user name. The domain and user name are separated by a backslash, e.g.,\username. If you have questions, please contact your system administrator.

    Depending on your configuration settings, you may be required to register your device before you are able to log on to OnBase. See Device Registration for more information.

  5. Tap the following button to log on to OnBase:
  6. The launcher screen is displayed. The following buttons may be available, based on your user privileges and configuration.



    Tap Custom Queries to search for documents using a Custom Query.

    See Custom Queries for more information.

    Tap Workflow to open OnBase Workflow.

    See Workflow for more information.


    If no Workflow task lists are configured with the Available for Mobile Devices option selected, you are prompted that you do not have access to any queues after tapping Workflow.

    Tap New Form to open the New Form screen and create a new form.

    See Creating a New E-Form and Creating a New Unity Form for more information.

    Tap Upload to display the Upload menu.

    See Upload for more information.

    Tap User Admin to open the User Administration module.

    See User Administration for more information.

    Tap to log off of OnBase.