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Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)

Mobile Access for iPhone (Legacy)
Foundation 22.1

If a Workflow queue has a filter configured for it, and you have rights to the filter, you can use the filter in the Mobile Access for iPhone module to filter the list of documents in the Workflow queue. Any configured default filters are automatically applied when you first select a Workflow queue.

To apply a filter:

  1. From the Workflow screen, tap Show all [number of] Documents to display the remaining documents in the queue on the Queue screen:
  2. Tap Filter.
  3. The Filters screen displays the queue's available filters:

    Additional filters are displayed if you have privileges to view documents assigned to other users in a load-balanced queue or in a queue that supports ownership. See Viewing Documents Assigned to Other Users for more information.

  4. Tap a filter.
  5. Depending on the filter's configuration, you may be prompted to enter criteria:
  6. If you are not prompted to enter criteria, proceed to step 7.
    If you are prompted to enter criteria:
    1. Tap a field to enter a value.
    2. Repeat the above step to add additional values.

      To remove a value from the filter, tap the corresponding X:

    3. To apply the filter, tap Submit:

      To return to the list of filters, tap Filters.

  7. Documents that meet the filter criteria are displayed in the Documents pane.