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Office Business Application for 2019

Office Business Application for 2019
Foundation 22.1

The OnBase suite of products is tested on 64-bit systems and is capable of being deployed on 64-bit systems using the Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit Emulator (WOW64) layer. While OnBase modules that integrate with Microsoft Office applications can be used with the 64-bit versions of these applications, the 32-bit versions of these Microsoft Office applications are recommended for the OnBase integrations. Consult the Microsoft Office Support Statement for your version of Microsoft Office in the Hyland Office Products Installers chapter of the Integration for Microsoft Outlook or Office Business Application module reference guide for complete details on the limitations to using a 64-bit version of these applications.

Supported database versions that are deployed on a 64-bit database server are also supported. For more information, contact your solution provider.