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Office Business Application for 2019

Office Business Application for 2019
Foundation 23.1

The Hyland Office Products installers are used to install the OnBase integration modules for Microsoft Office.

The following functionality is included in the installers and can be installed independently of each other:

  • Office Add-In for Microsoft Word

  • Office Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Office Add-In for Microsoft Excel

  • Report Services Excel Add-In for Microsoft Office

  • Integration for Microsoft Outlook

  • WorkView Integration for Microsoft Outlook

  • Template Builder

For complete details regarding the functionality and configuration of any of the modules included in the Hyland Office Products Deployment installer, or for any additional installation steps required to install and use the module on the client machine, refer to the module reference guide for that module.


If you would like to include a default Auto Import folder configuration with Microsoft Outlook deployments, see the Outlook Folder Configuration Utility chapter of the Integration for Microsoft Outlook 2019 documentation before running the installer.