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Office Business Application for 2019

Office Business Application for 2019
Foundation 23.1

After you launch the module, the login dialog box is displayed.

  1. Enter the required information:




    Select the data source to connect to from the drop-down list.


    The System field is only displayed when multiple data sources are available.

    User Name

    Type your OnBase user name.


    Type your OnBase password.

  2. Depending on your configuration and the module being used, the Remember me on this computer option may be displayed. Select this option to store your login credentials. The OnBase user name and password you provide will be used for subsequent login attempts.

    If you store your login credentials using the Remember me on this computer option, you can clear these stored credentials by selecting File | Log Out. You will be required to provide your OnBase user name and password the next time you log in.

  3. Click Login to log in or click Cancel to close the dialog box without logging in.

    If the Application Server that you are connecting to is initializing, an initializing message is displayed until the Application Server is ready:

  4. If any System Notifications are available, they are displayed after logging in. The Effective Date is shown above each message. Click OK when you are finished viewing the notifications.

After logging in to OnBase, these same login credentials may be reused when opening subsequent Unity-based modules. This allows you to move between modules without needing to log in additional times. When the same login credentials are being reused, the OnBase login dialog box is displayed and you are automatically logged in.


Login credentials are only reused when Unity-based modules share the same service path and data source configuration.