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Office Business Application for 2021

Office Business Application for 2021
Foundation 22.1

Documents are imported into OnBase from your Microsoft Office application using the Office Business Application for 2021.


When saving a document to OnBase, do not close the Microsoft Office application until the import to OnBase is completed. Closing the application before the import is completed can result in the loss of the document.

To import a new Microsoft Office document into OnBase:

  1. From the OnBase tab, click Save.
  2. If you are not already logged on to OnBase, you are prompted to do so. The Import pane is displayed.

    When importing from a Microsoft Office file, the Preview pane is disabled, with a message reading "Preview is currently disabled."

  3. From the Document Type Groups drop-down list, select the Document Type Group to be assigned to the document by OnBase. The list includes all Document Type Groups to which you have import rights. These rights are granted by your system administrator.
  4. From the Document Types drop-down list, select the Document Type to be assigned to the document by OnBase. (The list includes all Document Types to which you have rights. These rights are granted by your system administrator.)
    When you select a Document Type, OnBase automatically displays fields for Keyword Types that are used to index documents of that type.
  5. If the file type is not automatically selected, select the appropriate type from the File Types drop-down list.
  6. From the Document Date drop-down list, select the date of the document.
  7. Type Keyword Values in the Keyword Type fields.

    Depending on your system's configuration, some values may be provided by default. Other Keyword Types may be configured as read-only, preventing you from indexing the document with a value for that Keyword Type. If the Keyword Type name is displayed in red, a Keyword Value is required.


    You can include special characters (such as ñ, å, etc.) in Keyword Values.

    You can clear Keyword Values by clicking the Clear Keywords button in the Import pane:

  8. Click Import. The Office Business Application for 2021 imports the document into OnBase. If more information is needed to complete the import, a message displays the appropriate instructions. You may be presented with additional options if you are importing a rendition or revision of a document.

    Before importing, OnBase checks the document's file size against the maximum size allowed for imports. If the document is too large, you are notified that the import failed.

    An indicator displays import progress. When the import is complete, a message is displayed near the system tray stating that the file was imported successfully.


    If you receive an Import Failed message, contact your system administrator.

    After importing the document, the Import pane is closed.