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Office Business Application for 2021

Office Business Application for 2021
Foundation 23.1

When you use the Office Business Application for 2021 to save changes to a non-revisable document opened from OnBase, you can save the modified document as a new document.

To save a non-revisable document:

  1. Click the integration with OnBase tab. The integration with OnBase ribbon is displayed.
  2. Click the Save button. You are prompted to choose how the document should be saved.
  3. Click Save as New Document. The Import pane is displayed.

    When importing from a Microsoft Office file, the Preview pane is disabled, with a message reading "Preview is currently disabled."

  4. Adjust any of the fields in the Import pane. By default, the Document Type and Keyword Values are inherited from the original document.
  5. Click Import. The modified document is saved as a new document and the original document remains in OnBase unchanged.