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Print Distribution

Print Distribution
Foundation 22.1

Keywords are configured for a Print Distribution to narrow the output for printing to a specific group of documents within a Document Type. If any of the keywords and their supplied values match a Document Type configured for the Print Distribution, the corresponding document are printed.

  1. To configure keywords for a Print Distribution Group, click Keywords on the Print Distribution Configuration dialog box. The Print Distribution Keywords dialog box is displayed.

    Only the Keyword Types assigned to Document Types that have been configured for the Print Distribution Group are available for selection in the Print Distribution Keywords dialog box.

  2. The Available Keyword Types list displays all Keyword Types that can be configured for the Print Distribution Group. These Keyword Types are associated with all of the selected Document Types, and can be used to further differentiate the documents to be printed. Only documents that contain keywords selected from the Available Keyword Types list will be printed.
  3. To add a Keyword Type to the Print Distribution Group, double-click it or select it and click Add.
  4. The Keyword Value dialog box appears, allowing you to enter a value for the Keyword Type.
  5. Type the desired value and click Save. The Keyword Type and value appear in the Selected Keyword Types list.

    To remove one of the Keyword Types and its value, select it in the Selected Keyword Types list and click Remove.

    To edit an existing Keyword Value, double-click the Keyword Value in the Selected Keyword Types list, type the new value, and click Save.

  6. When all Keyword Types have been configured, click Close.
  7. Click Close in the Print Distribution Configuration dialog box when all parameters for the Print Distribution Group have been configured.

    If a Document Type is added to the Print Distribution Group without assigning keyword criteria (Print Distribution Keywords dialog box), all documents will be printed.


    If your Document Types use overlays that you want to be printed as part of your distribution, ensure that the Document Type is configured to require overlays for printing. See the System Administration documentation for more information.