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Print Distribution

Print Distribution
Foundation 22.1

Organizations use OnBase Print Distribution to print documents that have been processed into OnBase with the COLD module. Typically, the printing and distribution takes considerable time and effort. OnBase Print Distribution streamlines this process.

OnBase Print Distribution enables personnel to process daily reports using COLD. The designated administrator configures the OnBase Print Scheduler to begin processing the print jobs on a select weekday, at a select time, after COLD processing has completed. If they select every weekday morning, at 9:00 AM, then at 9:00 AM every weekday morning, OnBase automatically retrieves the appropriate documents from the database, processes the print jobs, and distributes them across the WAN to the remote locations. The managers at each site are provided with their own reports, at a designated printer, at a scheduled time, on a scheduled day.

Reports that may have previously been mailed to remote locations now print directly at the location. Shipping costs are eliminated, man-hours are reduced, and managers have immediate access to information.