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Print Distribution

Print Distribution
Foundation 22.1

Print Distribution is an advanced method of printing documents that allows selective and scheduled printing.

With selective printing, you can designate a group of documents (related by keyword) for printing, instead of manually selecting those documents for printing from the Document Retrieval screen. You can configure multiple Document Types, each with its own keyword criteria, to print from a single Print Distribution group.

With scheduled printing, you can direct printing to occur on pre-configured days and times. When used with other scheduler functions, scheduled printing provides a seamless method of data processing and distribution. For example, you can schedule OnBase to run a COLD process, and then run a scheduled Print Distribution process to print the documents identified in the COLD process.

A Print Distribution allows you to print a group of related documents to any print queue in your system. The Print Distribution configuration is flexible and allows printing of documents over a wide area network (WAN). When configuring Print Distribution, you can specify all Document Types that you want included in the distribution. You can also specify the print format for a specific Document Type, and a default to be used if none is selected. You can also direct OnBase to print multiple copies of documents in any of the Document Types in the Print Distribution.

Any documents with the configured Keyword Values will be printed to the specified print queue. This could allow a manager in one location to print a group of documents at another location over a WAN, provided the remote location had its own print queue configured.