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Foundation 22.1

Scheduler workstation groups control how schedule logging is performed by the assigned workstations. To create a new scheduler workstation group, follow these steps:

  1. From the OnBase Client, click Processing | Scheduler | Logging Configuration. The Scheduler Logging Configuration dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click New. The Scheduler Logging Workstation Group dialog box is displayed.
  3. Type a name for the scheduler workstation group in the Workstation Group Name field.
  4. Select the Enable Logging for Group option so that logging is performed for workstations in the group. If this option is not selected, logging is not performed for this scheduler workstation group.
  5. Select the desired amount of data to be logged from the Detail Level drop-down list. The higher levels of detail are most useful for new processes or processes that are experiencing issues.
  6. If desired, you can configure a retention period for log entries. The following options are available:



    Remove Log Entries After Retention Period: _ days

    Select this option and enter a number in the available field to remove log entries from the scheduler log after the specified number of days.

    Retain Processing Summary After Retention Period

    Select this option to retain the processing instance record after the retention period has passed and all of the record's log entries have been removed.

    Never Remove Logs Containing Processing Errors

    Select this option to prevent the retention period from being applied to any processing logs that reported an error. This can provide an administrator more time to analyze any recorded issues.

    Treat Warnings as Errors

    Select this option to treat warnings as errors for the purpose of log retention. When this option is selected, the retention period is not applied to any processing logs that reported a warning.


    This option is only available if the Never Remove Logs Containing Processing Errors option is selected.

  7. Select all workstations you want to assign to this scheduler workstation group from the Available Workstations list, then click the >> button. The selected workstations are added to the Assigned Workstations list.
    Because workstations can only be assigned to a single scheduler workstation group, the list of workstations in the Available Workstations list does not include any workstations that are already assigned to another scheduler workstation group.

    You can select the Display Only Workstations with Scheduled Processes option to limit the list of Available Workstations to those workstations that have scheduled processes assigned to them.

  8. Click OK.