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Print Distribution

Print Distribution
Foundation 22.1

When deciding which documents will be printed you first need to determine the necessary Document Types. Once this has been established, you should decide which keywords will be used as search criteria. These Keyword Values are required to narrow the document search and printing output to a specific group of documents within the specified Document Type.

Once the Document Types and keywords have been established, you should determine any other search criteria that will be required. One criterion is the frequency that the documents will be printed (daily, weekly, monthly). Another criterion is whether the search needs to be performed based on document storage date. For this process, a date range can be used to search on. Several examples of date searches would be: by current day, last ‘x' number of days, current week, current month, or last month.

Determining a date range is an important step in narrowing a search. If document storage date is not important, then no date is necessary. However, keep in mind, when no date range is used, all documents will be printed within the Document Type containing the matching Keyword Value.