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Foundation 22.1

The most common way to add and apply a command line switch is to modify a shortcut to the OnBase Client or Configuration module executable.


In some OnBase deployments, adding command line switches via a desktop shortcut is not a viable option. For information on other methods of applying command line switches, see the System Administration module reference guide or help file.

To add a command line switch from a desktop shortcut:

  1. Create a shortcut to the OnBase Client or Configuration module.
  2. In the Target field, add one space after the path to the module's executable file.
  3. Add the desired command line switches to the value of the Target field. Separate multiple switches with one space.

    Some switches do not need to be preceded with a - (dash). For example, the automatic login switch (-AL) contains the dash, the user name (UN) and password (PW) switches do not.

  4. The switch is applied to the executable the next time it is launched from the desktop shortcut.