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Print Distribution

Print Distribution
Foundation 22.1

Once a Print Distribution group has been configured, it can be designated to print at a predetermined date and time. Scheduled Print Distribution, when used with other Scheduler functions, provides a seamless method of data processing and distribution.

For example, OnBase can be scheduled to run a COLD process, and then run a scheduled Print Distribution, printing the documents that were found in the COLD process.


When using the scheduler feature, you must also have the -SCHED command line switch applied to the OnBase Client shortcut. For a scheduled job to run, an OnBase Client running with this switch must be open at the time the job is scheduled to run. For more information, see Command Line Switches.

For more information on scheduling and schedule management, see .

  1. Select Admin | Print Distribution | Schedule. The Print Distribution Group Scheduler dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select a Print Distribution Group from the list of currently configured groups, and click Schedule. The Schedule Management dialog box is displayed.
  3. Configure the settings appropriately. See for information regarding each setting.

    Some settings are not available for Print Distribution scheduling.

  4. When all of the settings are configured correctly, click OK.