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Replicated Disk Groups

Replicated Disk Groups
Foundation 22.1

In order to finish configuring the Cloud Server, the Server needs to be activated. The Server is activated by entering a one-time use code that your first line of support will provide.

As part of the activation process, a secure, internal password is created that cannot be directly accessed by any system administrator. This password allows for the Cloud Replication Service to communicate safely with the Cloud Server.

To activate the server:

  1. Navigate to Disk Mgmt | Cloud Replication | Server Configuration. The Cloud Server Configuration dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the server from the list and click Activate. The Activate System dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter the code provided by your first line of support and click Apply. If the code provided by your first line of support is valid, you will receive a success message prompt. If the code is not valid, contact your first line of support for more information.

    Click Cancel to close the dialog without activating the system.


    Activation requires that the Cloud Replication Service communicate with the Cloud Server. This also verifies that all replication functionality is functioning properly.