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Replicated Disk Groups

Replicated Disk Groups
Foundation 22.1

The Cloud Replication Service sends heartbeat notifications to the Cloud Server by default every 5 minutes. Depending on the business and system needs, that frequency can be adjusted to any whole minute value from 1 to 60.

To configure the heartbeat frequency:

  1. In the folder where the Hyland.PlatterManagement.NTService.exe is stored, open the Hyland.PlatterManagement.NTService.exe.config file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  2. Locate the key="replicatorHeartbeatInterval" element.
  3. Enter a value in between 1 and 60 for the desired number of minutes.

    If the value is left empty, the default is 5 minutes.

  4. Save and close the file.