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Replicated Disk Groups

Replicated Disk Groups
Foundation 22.1

If after performing Disk Group Analysis on a Replicated Disk Group, a file is found to be corrupted, you can manually check the affected files against another copy of the Disk Group in order to repair the corrupted file.

To repair a corrupted file:

  1. After performing Disk Group Analysis and finding corrupted files, an Analysis Warning dialog with the message Do you wish to restore the missing, corrupted, and zero byte files from another copy of this volume? is displayed.

    To continue repairing, click Yes. The Repair Corrupted Files dialog is displayed.

    To cancel repair and close the dialog, click No.

  2. In the Save Replicated Files Locally section of the Repair Corrupted Files dialog, select a replicated source copy in the From drop-down list.
  3. In the To field, either enter a valid path, or click Browse to browse for a location to save the replicated files.
  4. Click Save Files. The files are downloaded and the location where they were saved is displayed.
  5. Select a corrupted file from the Repair Corrupted Files list.
  6. Using the files that downloaded to compare and determine the correct file to keep, in the Actions drop-down list, select one of the following options:
    • Do nothing- Keeps the current file in the replicated copy.

    • Download to copy #- Downloads the file from the replicated copy to the local copy.

    • Replicate to copy #- Replicates the file from the local copy to the replicated copy.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all files have been assigned an action.
  8. When finished, click Repair to make the configured the changes, or click Cancel to cancel repairing and close the dialog.

    It is recommended that you perform Disk Group Analysis again in order to ensure all corrupted files have been repaired.