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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

There are two methods for removing a configured column: deleting the column completely or removing its data type assignment. Both methods are available in the Report Mining Column and Data Configuration dialog box.

To remove a column completely, select it in the list and click Delete Column. When a column is deleted, it is removed from all Document Types to which it is assigned in that process, and it also is removed from the Columns drop-down list. Deleted columns are not included in the report spreadsheet.

To remove the column configuration for the current Document Type only, select the column in the list and click Remove Data. When the data type assignment is removed, the column's configuration is removed for the selected Document Type in that process. The column remains configured for any other Document Types assigned to the process, and it also remains available in the Columns drop-down list. Columns for removed data are still included in the report spreadsheet because they may contain data for other Document Types.