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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

Languages that use multi-byte character sets, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, are not supported for use with Report Mining.

Report Mining extracts information from OnBase text documents and organizes that information in a spreadsheet. When you create a Report Mining process, you can specify where the needed information is located on a document and how that information will be classified in the spreadsheet.

Report Mining processes can be configured using either the OnBase Client or the OnBase Configuration module. A single process can extract specific information from documents belonging to different Document Types, merging data from common columns into a single column. Likewise, multiple processes can be created to extract different types of information from documents within the same Document Type.

Each process is assigned to one or more Document Types. For each Document Type assigned to a process, you must define the page area where the process searches for information, and how the process identifies information to extract from that area.

Extracted information is displayed in an output file, or spreadsheet, and categorized into specific columns. These columns are assigned to the process during configuration. Each column is then assigned a data type, which defines both the type of information being gathered as well as where this information is found.