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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

Use this method if each record group starts always on the same line relative to the start of the area. Each record group also must contain the same number of lines. If this is not the case, see Using a Tag to Identify a Record Group.

  1. Access area configuration as described under Accessing Area Configuration.
  2. With the pointer, highlight the entire record group. Include each line in the record group, up to the line where the next record group begins. Highlight any number of columns.
    In the example above, each record group consists of only one line, so only one line is selected.
  3. Select Set Record Group from the resulting menu. Report Mining calculates the line number and height of the record group. These parameters are added to the process tree.

    If Set Record Group is not available, either the Area Configuration node is not selected in the process tree, or the Record Group is already configured. To remove the configuration, see Deleting Area Configuration Definitions.

  4. Continue to configure Column Mapping.