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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

Use a tag if the area may start on a different line number on each page, but it starts always in the same position relative to a tag.

  1. Access area configuration as described under Accessing Area Configuration.
  2. With the pointer, highlight the location where the tag could be located. The tag is the point of reference that the process uses to find the area.
    When you release the mouse button, a menu is displayed.
  3. Select Set Tagged Beginning of Area from the resulting menu. The highlight color changes to gray.

    If this option is not available, either the Area Configuration node is not selected in the process tree, or the Start of Area is already configured. To remove the configuration, see Deleting Area Configuration Definitions.

  4. With the pointer, highlight the entire tag string. The tag string is the text that identifies the tag's location.
  5. Select Set Tag String.
  6. Highlight the first line of the area. You can highlight any number of columns. This step is used to calculate the number of lines from the tag to the start of the area.
    In the example above, Company: is the tag string, highlighted in blue; it occurs two lines above the first line in the area, highlighted in yellow. The gray highlight represents other columns where the tag string could occur.
  7. Select Set Lines From Tag to Start of Area. The Start of Area in the process tree is updated with the new parameters, and the highlight color changes to red.
  8. Right-click the document and select Clear All Highlights to remove all highlights.
  9. Continue to configure the End of Area.