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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

Static text columns contain a specific word or phrase that remains the same for each record in the current Document Type.


If the static text occurs in the sample document, first highlight the text with the pointer. Report Mining will automatically map the selected text when you select the static text column.

To map a value to a static text column, do the following:

  1. Access column mapping as described under Accessing Column Mapping.
  2. Right-click the Column Mapping node.
  3. Select Add Static Text Column. The Select Column dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the column created for static text.
  5. Click Apply. The column is added as a new node in the process tree.
  6. Double-click the column's name to expand the node.
  7. Double-click [STATIC TEXT] to add or modify text.
  8. Type the text to display for each record from the selected Document Type.
  9. Press ENTER.