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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

Visual Report Mining Configuration allows you to manually change following definition parameters:

  • Create records after blank (for primary data columns)

  • Data occurrence (for primary data columns)

  • First line in area

  • Lines from tag to end of area

  • Lines from tag to start of area

  • Lines in area

  • Number of lines (for primary data columns)

  • Tag string

To manually change a parameter:

  1. In the process tree, double-click the parameter you want to change.
  2. Either type the new value, or select a different option, depending on the parameter.

    If you change an area or record group definition, any definitions that are relative to those settings retain their original parameters. You may need to reconfigure the related definitions to use the new point of reference. For example, suppose the area starts on line 3 and is configured to include 10 lines. The area would end after line 12. If the Start of Area 's line number is decreased to 1, then the area is still configured to contain 10 lines. However, the area would now end after line 10.