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Report Mining

Report Mining
Foundation 23.1

A Report Mining process must be associated with the Document Types that it can mine. If a Document Type is not assigned to the process, then the process cannot mine documents of that Document Type.

  1. Expand the process in Visual Report Mining Configuration. To expand the process node, click the plus symbol to the left of its name.
  2. Right-click either the process name or the Document Types node under the process.
  3. Select Assign Document Type. The Select Document Type dialog box is displayed.
  4. Select the Document Types that the process can data mine.
    • To select multiple Document Types, press CTRL as you select each one.

    • To clear all selected Document Types, click Clear.

    • To exit the dialog box without assigning Document Types, click Exit.

  5. Click Apply to assign the selected Document Types to the process. The dialog box is closed, and the Document Types are added to the process tree.
  6. Proceed to Area Configuration.

    To remove a Document Type, right-click it and select Delete. Any process configuration settings associated with that Document Type are also removed.