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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

OnBase is a single enterprise information management platform for managing content, processes, and cases that allows you to create, retrieve, manage, and distribute electronic documents. This data is the heart of an OnBase system. In OnBase, data can be in one of three states at any given moment:

  • In-Transit Data

  • In-Use Data

  • At-Rest Data

This section explains these concepts and how they relate to data security in OnBase.

In general, the principle of least-privilege should be applied to your OnBase data-security plan as much as possible. Least-privilege is a security concept where no user has more access or permissions than absolutely necessary to perform their tasks in the system.

Additionally, organizations that receive documents from external parties should consider writing that content to a secure area for virus scanning before allowing it to be processed into OnBase. OnBase does not natively provide virus scanning. Typically, document-level scanning is done through an organization's virus scanning procedures before content is archived into the OnBase repositories.