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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

The following common architecture scenarios provide options for securing the data connection points and/or implementing additional security layers for OnBase solutions. Note that these are conceptual solutions meant to provide options and areas to consider when securing your OnBase system. The relevance of each concept will vary by organization and not all OnBase modules are covered in these scenarios.

OnBase was designed as a centralized repository for all documents and consists of a database, which stores data about the documents archived, and Disk Groups, which are logical storage areas for the actual document files associated with documents archived in OnBase. In other words, the documents are not stored in the database.

This structure allows OnBase to perform functions on the data and documents separately, and also allows for the segregation of data and document files to enable more robust security measures. Multiple Disk Groups can be created to further help organize the data storage.

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