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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

OnBase allows for the separation of the OnBase Web Server, which handles the presentation or user interface tier, and the OnBase Application Server, which is the application or processing tier. This architectural advantage can be leveraged by the OnBase Web Client as well as the other OnBase modules that don't use the standard OnBase Client (such as the Unity Client, the Microsoft Office integrations, and line-of-business integrations).

Using the OnBase Application Server as the application tier provides an additional security layer between users and the OnBase data because all direct access to the OnBase database and the OnBase Disk Groups is isolated to the OnBase Application Server.

The following illustration shows a typical configuration in highly secure networks with three distinct firewalls, each of which allowing only a certain type of traffic to pass.

For more information on securing these areas of your OnBase environment, see: