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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

The Identity and Access Management Services module reference guide explains how to configure OnBase to allow for tighter security controls and a more streamlined user experience by integrating user authentication with identity provider (IdP) technology.

When the Hyland IdP server is configured to allow single sign-ons it has the added security benefit that users need only remember one password, making it less likely that they will write their passwords down where someone can find them. You can also choose whether you want users to be prompted for login credentials when accessing OnBase or if users are logged in to OnBase automatically based on the credentials supplied when they logged on to their workstation.

Significant value is achieved by consolidating authentication methods across an enterprise or across even a few systems. Users achieve increased productivity by having fewer passwords to remember and fewer log ins to accomplish in the course of their work. An improvement in overall system security is also achieved with fewer passwords because users are less likely to use a simple password that is easily compromised or to resort to writing down their multiple passwords.