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Security Best Practices

Security Best Practices
Foundation 23.1

The Hyland Distribution Service integrates with several OnBase modules, allowing email notifications to be sent through a centralized mail service. All installation and configuration settings are located on one workstation, as opposed to several workstations. This provides high security, control, and ease of maintenance. The Hyland Distribution Service must be configured to use an OnBase service account.

By default, the user name and password of the service account are entered in Hyland.Core.Distribution.NTService.exe.config file in clear text. Although these credentials cannot be used to log on to any OnBase client application, you should encrypt them in the Windows registry using the aspnet_setreg utility. The Distribution Service can then be configured to refer to the encrypted registry keys to retrieve the user name and password of the service account.


For more information on configuring the Hyland Distribution Service, see the Hyland Distribution Service module reference guide.